Saturday, March 26, 2016

They don't know

They don't know I'm leaving on Monday evening and will not be home until late Saturday evening.

This is the longest time I've ever been gone. It's also the furthest I've ever been from them.

I have anxiety about it. Not that anything catastrophic is going to happen when I'm gone. I know they're with their other parent, and I know Randy loves them.

But I'm still anxious.

And excited.

And nervous.

And thankful that my First Friend on the Peninsula, Stacie, is going with me. I'm thankful her husband Ben, and the twins, are supportive.

I got Stace before the boys were born.

Before her twins were born.

But that's a blog for another time.

Because I just finished reading part of The BFG to them.

And Randy's tucking them in.

Routine stuff.

I'll tell them tomorrow.

Because I know that if I tell them too far in advance, Nathan will perseverate on it, and his anxiety goes through the roof, creating stress for all of us. Isaac is a questioner, and will ask a million questions, and we'll get to have a conversation, but it's ok to wait till the day before to tell them.

They have no concept of what it means to get on an airplane and fly in the sky.

They have no idea what hot is.

They don't know what Eegee's is. 

They're totally gonna miss out.


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