Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hundreds of Electrical Storms

Last week was incredibly long. Good, but long.

Tuesday and Wednesday Nathan had more seizures than he's had in a long time. The last time I remember this many was back in December, the day after we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

The full moon started on Tuesday March 22, and ended on Wednesday, and there was a lunar eclipse on top of all of this. 

I used to not believe. 

I used to not be willing to admit. 

But now I see it. 

I feel it. 

I know the moon affects his seizures. 

It sounds crazy. Like "here's a crystal go tape it to your forehead and sit in a vortex in Sedona" crazy. I'm not knocking Sedona. It's a beautiful place. I used to live just north of there, and remember hiking and camping in and around Sedona. I have been up & down 89A numerous times in my life.

I'm just saying.

It sounds a little crazy.

But it's not. 

I'm not. 

We know the moon affects the tides. The ocean. And how big is the Pacific? It's the biggest freaking ocean on our planet.

And, we live on a peninsula. But not just any peninsula. We live on the North Olympic Peninsula. West of Seattle. South of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

And up here, surrounded on three sides by water, where we happen to have 4 seasons...we know when the solstices are, and we know when the equinoxes are, and we know the difference between the two of them. 

And we know that Port Angeles has a certain type of smell when the tide is out.

And there are certain times when you can hike along the beaches, and there are certain times you should never.

Because the moon affects the tides.

And while there isn't much vetted research on how the moon affects our body, we are made of 60% water. 

So, it makes sense, to me anyway, that the moon affects us.

And I know it affects his seizures because on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nathan seized like a motherfucker. Oh. Wait. OK, so that basically means hundreds of seizures both days.


Hundreds of electrical storms.

And no matter what type of medication I gave him, I couldn't get the seizures to stop. He may have been in status epilepticus. But, his seizures are so short, and he kept on going like he always does...and he managed to get through the day.

On Thursday, after Randy and Isaac left for school, he said to me, "Mom, I'm tired and need to go back to bed."

Um...ok...good that you recognize that...great that you're listening to your body!

And he went into his room and he closed the blinds and he turned on the white noise machine and laid down for nearly 3 hours.

I didn't stare that gift horse in the mouth--I took a nap, too!

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