Thursday, July 14, 2016

Of course

Of course.

Of course he had an immediate and strong reaction to the chemo he has had in his system for less than 24 hours.

Of course. 

Of fucking course. 

Thank you Florence for showing up at 6:50 am, prepared to drive Randy to Sequim, and instead staying with N&I for 2 hours so that I could I could take him. 

Thank you Nathan and Isaac for rolling with the unexpected level 10 stress this morning and staying with Auntie Florence, playing Monopoly and doing a large floor puzzle. I love you both.

Thank you Lynn the Rock Star nurse for being there and getting him back to the infusion area.

Thank you Marcia one of my favorite chemo nurses for getting our medical oncologist, getting fluids started, getting anti-nausea meds in him and for supporting me in leaving.

The PTSD I'm experiencing is real. My anxiety really started yesterday, right after they brought Randy back from radiation, and just before they hooked him up to the machine for his first chemo infusion. In his PICC line.

This morning I was out of bed at 6, and Randy was barely able to move, feeling incredibly nauseous. But he rallied and ate a few bites of pancakes and then the boys got up and Florence showed up and we left. He barely made it through is second radiation treatment and we got him in a wheelchair and Lynn the Rock Star Nurse took his vitals and got us over to the infusion side of the building. Dr. C the Cancer Doc was right there, in charge of our emergency. She did assessed him and put in her orders for fluids and meds.

I left my husband at the Sequim Cancer Center, at 8:30 am, went home and got lots of hugs from Florence and my kids. Then I took the boys to Hapkido, ran to the pharmacy to see if his new 'script was ready, then to the Post Office--thank you everyone for sending everything--and then to Olympic Bagel Company for something quick, nutritious, and delicious to eat.

Thank you Mrs. Ventura for honoring my request and handing my children back to me on a silver platter. I anticipate having to use an entire roll of paper towels to mop them up later. Especially after they turn into puddles after they get showers this afternoon. I appreciate you working their brains and their bodies and for wearing them out.

Picked up the boys at 11 and headed back to Sequim to pick up Randy. Florence offered, and while I appreciated the offer, getting Daddy was something the boys and I needed to do. Team Anderson.

He's been home and sleeping for much of the day. The boys and I are tired, but we're moving forward.

Come on, bedtime...just a handful of hours away.

Oh, and fuck you cancer.

You can't take away my well-deserved hot shower, my yoga practice, and an early bedtime.

Even if it means the best I can manage for dinner is giving the boys Tillamook cheddar cheese, sea salt potato chips and lots of summer fruits. There are worse things to eat.

Especially on a Big Cancer Day. 

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