Friday, July 22, 2016

More Questions

"Dad, is this cancer thing gonna take up our whole summer?"

"Yes, son. I'm sorry."

"Mom, why does Daddy have cancer, too?"

"Because Daddy has a virus that made his cells reproduce really rapidly."

"And they had a party? Like your cells did, right?"

"Kinda, yeah. But it was a party for bad cells. They were the cells who got sent to the principal's office a lot."

"What's a virus?"

"A virus is a life form that is really really tiny, but causes people to be sick."

"Can we see it?"

"With a microscope. We can also look at pictures on the web."

"Mom, was your cancer caused by a virus?"

"It was not. We don't know exactly why my cancer happened. But we know that it's not in our DNA, which is a good thing."

"I hate cancer, Mom. It caused Pop-pop to die. And it made you really sick. And now it's going after Daddy."

"Yeah, but Daddy's gonna be a survivor, too. What can we do to help Daddy feel better?"

"I'll draw a comic book about Daddy Hapkidoing the cancer cell!"

"That's a great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!"

"But Daddy doesn't know Hapkido!"

"That's ok. You guys can help teach him Hapkido. Daddy's strong. He's going to be ok. He just needs a lot of help."

"More help than you did?"

"Yes. But also different help. I was able to drive myself to chemo and radiation. But I still needed help from our friends to care for you guys, and to help make meals, and to break up the day for Daddy when I was so sick from chemo. Being the only person responsible for making sure everything in the house gets done is tough stuff." 

"Is Daddy gonna be able to drive again?"

"Yes. But not for about 6 months."

"When will it be 6 months?"

"Well...let's count."

"July...August...September...October...November...December...January. Mom. That's a long ways away."

"It'll be after the first of the year, as long as Daddy doesn't have any more seizures."

 "I sure hope Daddy doesn't have any more seizures."

"Me, too, dude." 

"I hope this is the last summer we have to deal with cancer, Mom."

"I hope so, too, kiddo."

"Can animals get cancer?"


"I sure hope Abby doesn't get cancer. Especially next summer."

"I hope she doesn't either." 

"Mom...does Daddy have to go to the cancer center tomorrow?"

"No. It's Saturday. Daddy doesn't have treatment on Saturday."

"Or Sunday?"

"Not on Sunday either."

"That'll be a stay home day, right Mom? So Daddy can rest...?"

"Yes. Sunday will likely be a stay home day."

"But he'll go on Monday?"


"Who's gonna stay with us?"

"Well, I hope that I can stay with you and that Uncley Michael can take Daddy. I'll know more on Sunday afternoon. As soon as I know, I'll let you guys know. Ok?"

"Ok. Mom, does Daddy go to the cancer center again on Tuesday? And Wednesday? And Thursday and Friday?"

"Yes. Each day next week."
"Mom, does he have to go each week? For the rest of the summer?"

"Yes, dude, he does. I'm sorry. Daddy has to go to the cancer center everyday of the week, except Saturday and Sunday, for the rest of the summer."

"Mom. I feel badly for Daddy that he has to do that."

"Me, too, buddy. That's why it's especially important that we are respectful and considerate to each other. We need to help each other. And right now, Daddy needs a lot of help and patience."

"Mom, I love you."

"I love you, guys, too. I'm sorry we're going through this again. Your Dad and I wanted better for you. We didn't plan this. I know it's hard and that you're dealing with a lot of different emotions. I am glad we're able to talk about the challenges and hard times we're having. Thank you both for talking with me. I'm really proud of both of you and I love you."

"Past the moon, Mom?"


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