Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Daddy?

Why Daddy? Why did the boys tell me to kiss their feet on the way home from school?

I don't know, honey. But I'll talk to their parents and it will stop.

Why Daddy? Why did we have to put him to sleep? Will he wake up?

Because he's an old dog, honey. He's had a really good life. He's probably in heaven chasing tennis balls and playing in the water and lounging in the sun.

Why Daddy? Why did my best friend from last year punch holes in my school picture and stick it in my locker?

You don't know it was her, honey. But do you want to be friends with someone who does that? That's not a good friend. That's a good enemy. Please stay away from her. She's not very kind. 

Why Daddy? Why didn't the truck stop?

I don't know, honey. He must not have seen you. He must not have been paying attention. 

Why Daddy? Why did he break my heart?

It's what happens in life, honey. But your heart will mend. Be patient and give yourself time to grieve. Eventually, you'll meet someone else and the two of you will share a life together.

Why Daddy? Why did I have the child with all the special needs?

I don't know, honey. But he needs you to take care of him. It's going to be a long haul. Take it one day at a time.

Why Daddy? Why did I get breast cancer at the age of 42? I'm too young to have such a horrible disease. 

I don't know, honey. But you got through it and you're a stronger woman because of it.

Why Daddy? Why did he have to get cancer too?

I don't know, honey. I'm sorry. I wish I could fix it.

But Daddy, he may not be able to swallow anymore after his radiation treatments. I'm scared for him.

I know, honey. I am too.

I wish you lived closer. Daddy. I really need a hug from you.

I know, honey. Me, too. 

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