Monday, November 2, 2015

Gratitude, 1/2/15

Today I express deep gratitude to Scientists.

Specifically, the Physicists. 

I'll start with Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, who in 1895, first produced and detected what we know today as an X-ray. He was so awesome that he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901.

I also express gratitude to Leopold Freund and Eduard Schiff, who are credited with first suggesting that X-rays be used as a treatment for disease.

Then, in 1896, Emil Grubbe built the first X-ray machine, and started zapping cancer cells. And then Grubbe taught a ton of docs how to treat cancer by using radiation.

Good thing, too, because Dr. Grubbe ended up dying of cancer of the intestine in 1960.

Wikipedia told me all this.

After I Googled it "history of radiation treatment for cancer".

Anyway, if it wasn't for these physicists, health care would likely be in a different place.

So, thank you, physicists, for getting the idea, building the machine, and moving technology forward.

And for saving lives.

Especially mine.

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