Sunday, November 1, 2015

Box Tops & Labels

I feel so much pressure from Box Tops for Education.

And Labels for Education. 

I don't feel the pressure from anyone in particular.

It's totally all on my head.

Isaac goes to public school. He's in the first grade. The teacher doesn't call me out on my lack of participation. She's cool like that.

His kindergarten teacher never called me out either. She was cool. I mean, she had a group of 17 6-year-olds that she chooses to spend her day with. By default, kindergarten teachers are Super Heroes.

When Nathan was in public school, I didn't feel participation pressure from his Special Education teacher. She was cool like that. 

But the pressure is there.

It's real.


Why do we have to use labels to raise money for schools?

Oh. Right. Our priorities as a country are totally messed up.

It's more important to wage wars for oil than it is for children to have the best computers, the best most scientifically accurate textbooks, the awesome playground equipment, the best knowledge, the best opportunity. 

Someone, somewhere came up with the brilliant idea to sell flour and soup, and a portion of that would raise money for schools. It's a win-win, right? You eat "healthy" foods, the companies make money, they look good--bc who doesn't look good when they're helping kids? Right? And then, it only takes a minute to cut out and paste the Box Top or Label onto the sheet.

Win-win, right?

No. No it isn't.

It puts pressure on parents to buy the "right" items; to make sure the Box Tops and Labels get on the sheet, which is downloadable from the web, by the way. Just in case it gets lost with the pile of papers that come home every couple of days.

But you know what? I'm trying to get through my life, which is all about cancer right now. Oh! And I'm a homeschool mom to a special needs boy. And I'm a college professor that teaches an on-line Health class. And I have a 6-1/2 year-old boy. And a husband. And a dog. And aging parents who live 1,800 miles away. And my amazingly supportive friends.  

Box Tops and Labels get dropped. I have enough on my plate.

It's not that it's not important.

It's that it's not important to me right now.

Maybe someday I'll get my shenanigans together enough to get a sheet of Box Tops and/or Labels in to the school.

But today isn't that day. 

And, when I made chocolate chip cookies this past weekend, and opened a new package of flour, I was secretly disappointed that there wasn't a Box Top on the package.

For reals.

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