Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Dilemma

My dilemma is do I go?

Or should I stay?

Do I go with Stacie?

Or by myself?

Do we stay at someplace swanky that I've always wanted to stay at like Ventana Canyon? Or La Paloma?

Or do I stay with my folks?

Or should I stay home?

In Port Angeles.


I. Don't. Know.

"Be you're own friend," my mental health therapist says to me.

"Be kind to yourself," she says.

I. Try. I really really try.

And I know I need a break.

But this cancer--I'm recovering!

And he's seizing.

And his voice.

And I's....

You have my heart, I's. You do. And you know.

Thank you for telling me you want my brown hair back.

I do, too.

And I will.

But right now, I need to make a different decision....

Do I fly into Phoenix?

Or Tucson?

Rent a car?


Oh! Yes! Desert Museum!

And Eegee's!



Delicious. Little bit of heaven.

In the desert.

What do I do........???

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