Friday, October 23, 2015


Radiation treatment started yesterday. I have to go 20 more times. Each weekday that the Sequim Cancer Center is open, I'll be there. I get to go. Not "I have to go." Gotta reframe that shit.

The science and technology behind what goes into this machine amazes me. Mathematics. Physics. It's fascinating. The machine is huge. It moves. It puts green laser beams on me and they zap my breast. I don't feel anything, but I'm a little sensitive today. And my breast is sensitive, too.

When this is all over, I'm going to have the ability to shoot green laser beams out of my boob. It'll be one of my super powers. Because you don't get zapped 21 times with radiation and not get a super power.
It's supposed to be a couple of weeks before I see any changes on my skin. They said it's like a sunburn. I grew up in Tucson, AZ, so I'm picturing every single sunburn I've ever had in my entire life, then putting them all together and putting that on my breast. And then setting my boob on fire. Drama. But RIGHT? Jesus. Goddamnedsunburns. They suck.

They tell me that radiation is easier than chemo. And chemo sucked big time. Oh--"They" is my radiation oncologist, her nurse, the man who is in charge of the radiation machine, and the three techs that helped me.

When I was on the table, the techs said to focus on my breathing. I chewed my gum. I asked permission (I even surprised myself by asking permission!). They said ok.

But today I'm not going to chew gum bc I don't want to swallow that shit on accident and then end up choking and they end up zapping some other part of my body that doesn't need treatment. But maybe they'll zap the other boob on accident and I'll be able to shoot green laser beams out of both boobs. That would be even better.


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  2. You shall be known from now on as my favorite fem-bot since you will be shooting green beams from your tata. ♡♡♡♡ to u Rach!!

  3. Love it! You can be the Bravenger, fighting villains who want to deny women healthcare!