Thursday, June 29, 2017

There's a no in me

There's a no in me today.

No I don't want to take you up the mountain. 

Or down to the water. 

Can you imagine if you got sand in your cast? Sweet Jesus, child! What would the doctor say when you see him tomorrow? 

Yup. He'd probably have to recast it. And you certainly don't want to do that again. I mean, if you got sand in there it would itch like crazy and it's possible the the sand could create little wounds in your skin. So, let's not risk it.

Nope. Not the lake either. 

Yup. You want to keep your cast dry. 

I know it sucks. 

I'm sorry. But really, you've gotta accept responsibility. I know you're only eight. But dude, you were the one swinging on the monkey bars. Out there at school, all being a kid. You you do.

But when the doctor said no, he meant no. No hiking, no biking, no scooter, no jumping on the trampoline.

So, no. No you won't. 

And no wrestling with your brother. 

I know you want to.

Taking a shower and covering your cast with a garbage bag is one thing. But going to the a body of water, or moving water. No. No garbage bag. No cast covers. I mean, your range of motion in your shoulder is good, No is no. 

The lake will be there. The mountain will be there. The strait will be there. This is a temporary problem. Those places will always be there. We can go when your cast is off. Hopefully at the end of the July.

Let's go water the garden. I'm open to you watering with the sprayer set on "soaker" as long as you use your good arm, and you absolutely, positively, keep the water pointed away from you. 

And your brother can't be in the garden at the same time. Because obviously. That's a recipe for disaster. And because there's a no in me. 

There's a lot to do around the house. Let's check the Summer Rules list!  

We can read. You guys are participating in the Summer Reading Program, so we get to read a LOT this summer! Because we may win the whale watching tour! You never know! You can't win if you don't read!

We can do laundry. I'd still have to do laundry if my arm was broken. Shit, I was going through chemo and doing laundry. I was at the boss level of disease and still running a household and teaching online. So, I think you can put your clothes away. You know, the ones I folded for you. Yeah. Those. Both of you. I know you've got two good arms, big dude. Get it done. Both. Of. You. 

Thank you. 


Oh! And if we assemble the deck box that we purchased like two years ago that's been sitting on the deck in a cardboard box...yeah that one! You'd check off like the rest of your list if we did that! 

Because we gotta assemble the deck box, then we'd get to clean off the deck, which I'm open to trading that in for ___Clean Up One Room. 

And you wouldn't have to play outside, because godforbid you play outside. On a beautiful 66* PNW summer day. Instead, we'll assemble the deck box outside! How brilliant is that?

And you guys would check off ___Made/Built Something Creative ANNNNDDD ___Helped Someone In The Family at the same time! How awesome is that? 

Ok. So, there's a yes in me for computer time if you cooperate and are mostly nice to each other and me.

Back deck before

They really did help me! (350 lb. wt. limit)
Back deck, after

Sweeping too? Yes, please! Great idea!

Thank you both for your help.

Yes, boys, you earned computer time.

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