Sunday, April 24, 2016

Free Upgrades

We landed in Tucson and walked over to the car rental place. I chose Enterprise, because they had the best deal on a small-ish SUV, and because I'm a Costco member, they waved the fee for a second driver. Score!

I requested an SUV because both Stacie and I drive them at home. It's what we're both used to, and I needed both of us to be as comfortable as possible; get a vehicle you're familiar with and reduce your stress. Right?

But Enterprise didn't have any small-ish SUV's. They only had XXL. Think Suburban. Way too much for these Northwest Women traveling without their families and with only one suitcase each.

Well, they had some boxy type of car that said, "push me down and take my lunch money" so we chose to not take that. There was an older couple who ended up taking it anyway. I'm glad it found a home.

We had a little time to kill while we were waiting on them to find a vehicle that would work for us, so we made small talk. The young lady who works for Enterprise and was helping us had recently graduated from the University of Arizona.

"Well, they're just finishing up detailing a car that may work for you," she said.

And up pulls a silver convertible Camaro.

"We can give this to you as a free upgrade because we don't have the vehicle you requested," she said.

She didn't have to tell us twice. We took it.

"Do you want protection?" she asked innocently.

I said, "What? Like a condom?"

We all laughed--because I'm funny!

And she said she'd never had anyone ask her that before.

Stacie, always thinking ahead, asked them to please show us how to take the top down and put it back up again. 

Then we went to lunch downtown, at Cafe' Poca Cosa, which was close to where Stacie used to work when she was with the Pima County Health Department.  It was good. But the waiter had a hard time engaging with me; short hair in Tucson = automatic lesbian. Seriously. This is the mentality of the city I grew up in.

Then we drove out to Ventana Canyon, where I had booked a room. And we got a free upgrade, so we took it. Again, didn't have to be asked twice.

Our room was in the very back of the property, it was easier to drive back than it was to walk from the front desk.

Then I lost the car key. Not a good omen. I emptied all of my luggage, and I couldn't find it. I panicked, like you do when you loose a key to a $40,000 car you just rented, you're on the first vacation you've taken in so long you can't remember, you're tired from traveling, and you're head's about to explode because you're about to see your parents for the first time in nearly 10 years, and you've had more happen in your life than you ever imagined.

So I called the concierge's desk, and Timothy was so helpful; he got security right on it. Then I found the key and called him back and left him a message that I found my key. Then we left to go out to my folks' house. But we drove through the front of the property, so that I could tell Timothy that I found my car key, and to thank him for being so responsive.

He was happy for me and said it was my lucky day. I asked him if he happened to know the winning numbers for the lottery, and he said they were 8, 6, 7, 5, 3, OH, 9...because he was quick and funny.

Then we drove, top down, to Mom and Dad's house.

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