Monday, December 14, 2015

Brillian description

I was recently comparing notes with a friend who's son is also on the spectrum. Her son has what we call "intestinal issues"--he holds his poop because he's deeply afraid the poop will rip his anus when it comes out. 

Not that he said it quite like that. 

But I get it. Sometimes it really hurts to poop. 

His mom, who is my friend, gives him Miralax every day. But sometimes is moms get busy, and we forget to make the poop juice in the morning. It's not like we get busy or anything....

She's a good mom. A damn good mom. And she's trying to help him poop.

The brilliance comes in her description of what she's trying to do with him:

"'s like coaching a woman through labor...except it's a woman who's entirely unappreciative and insulting."

She nailed it.

And my hope is that he, as well as other people living on the autism spectrum, learn to work through their fears and anxieties.

*My friend gave me permission to quote her. 

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