Monday, May 14, 2012

awesome day

Nathan and I went for a visit to the pediatric ophthalmologist today--it was a long day (the closest one is about an hour and 20 minute drive southeast of us). We went to a walking park along the water--we found some cool seashells and rocks. The tide was out, so we turned some of the larger rocks over and saw some small crabs.

The most awesome thing happened while we were waiting for Nathan's pupils to dilate (about 20 minutes--back to the waiting room for us!). Nathan was sitting playing with his iPad in the "kids' waiting room", and there was a boy about Nathan's size (so I'm guessing he was about 7 or 8) came in, and squeezed in between the wall and Nathan--clearly he'd been there before and that was "his spot". He didn't say a word to Nathan--and Nathan didn't bat an eye. So this kiddo took out his Leapster gadget and started playing with it--Nathan was playing with his iPad--and they were kind of comparing their gadgets. Nathan did point to the boy's Leapster and said "try that one" but I couldn't see if the boy "tried that one".  For the most part, their exchange was wordless.

I leaned out of the kids' waiting room, looked at the kid's dad and he said, "are they ok?" and I said, "yeah--they're comparing gadgets without saying much of anything. I think they've each made a new friend." And the dad said, "if only we grown-ups could do that, the world would probably be a nicer place." I said I agreed, and then the kid was called back for his eye check.

It was a pretty cool--although brief--experience to witness.

Nathan's eyes checked out ok--we see the doc again for another check in 2 to 3 years--just to keep an eye on his eyes.

And the Olympic Mountains were absolutely amazing on our way home.

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