Sunday, April 22, 2012

First beautifully warm day of 2012

Today was the first truly sunny and warm day for us up here in the Pacific Northwest! It was all of 64 degrees--which means outside, with the sprinklers on. Nathan, Isaac, Abby and I spent most of the day soaking up the sun. Unfortunately, Randy had to work--bummer, but Mathematics is important stuff!

Nathan taught Isaac how to properly drink from the sprinkler--and big brother was even brave enough to let little brother hold the sprinkler while he got a drink.

Nathan ended taking an "outside bath"--he filled up the wagon and I grabbed the body wash/shampoo and did the best I could--he's what I'd call "clean enough".  Isaac provided the rinsing. Although the water was freezing, Nathan and Isaac both had a fun time with this! Isaac was eventually brave enough to get wet--but I think it was a bit too cold for him.

Afterwards, we headed in for a much needed meal and a movie. NZ ate elbow noodles with Alfredo sauce and mozzarella cheese; I's ate custom trail mix (cashews, grapes and M&M's--he put the bowl on his head to let me know he was done). They chose to watch "My Neighbor Totoro".

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